Simple Signs She’s Just Not Into You At All


Sometimes people just don’t click. Other times, the chemistry is incredible. That said, some women will make it obvious if you are not their type, but others remain inconspicuous. These women either don’t want to be mean and outright reject you. Another reason they may not come clean with you is because they want to keep playing the game to get your attention without any intention of dating you.

Luckily, there are signs to look out for which say that she is not into you at all. If you spot any of these signs, it’s best to cut your losses, save your dignity, and move on. Here are the major signs that will let you know that a woman is not into you. Heck, you must remember that the basic objective is to bang a girl, not marry them. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you buddy.

She's Not Into You

Some Signs That She’s Not Into You At All

Here is exactly what you need to be on the lookout for if you want to She’s not into you if…

She thinks of reasons that she can’t see you – No matter what stage of a relationship you are in with a woman; it’s a bad sign if she starts thinking of reasons that she can’t see you. This usually means that she is not interested and she can’t bring herself to tell you straight. If she was into you, she would think of reasons to see you any chance she gets.

She’s too busy to talk to you – If you are calling or texting a woman and she is always too busy to deal with you, she would rather not be dealing with you at all. She might be legitimately busy at one time or another, but if she says it repeatedly, she is clearly trying to avoid you. If she was into you, she would make time to talk to you.

She talks about other guys – When you first meet a woman and she starts talking about her boyfriend, she is letting you know that she is taken. The same concept applies when you are dating or trying to hook up with a woman. If she’s not into you, she will talk about other guys to make you lose interest or get the hint. If she was into you, she would avoid talking about other guys and the only guy she would want to talk about would be you.

She’s active on an online dating site – If a woman that you met on an online dating site starts losing interest, you will probably notice that she is active on the site again. If she’s not into you, she will start looking into other prospects. If she was into you, she would never have any reason to visit the dating site. She would be happy hanging out with you.

She spends time with her ex – This would be the final nail in the coffin of any prospects you had of staying with this woman. This stage usually comes after she’s been talking about her ex and you ignored it. She gave you signs to let you know that she wasn’t into you, but you soldiered on, hoping for the best. If she’s talking to her ex, even if she insists that it’s innocent and she doesn’t have feelings for him, you might as well start looking elsewhere for a date.

The bottom line is this, if you’re dating a girl and she’s putting you through this crap, then get on a casual dating website and start searching for something else. All you need is an instant hookup to make things better. Who needs a damn girlfriend anyway these days!

How To Smooth Talk With A Girl


I just realized that I’ve never actually taught you how to be a smooth talker. It’s one of those things that you mustn’t neglect, not even for a second! The good news is that I’m the smoothest talker you’ll ever meet.

If you pay attention to any guy that is successful with the ladies, you’ll see that it takes more than just good looks to get girls to like you. Even guys who are not that good looking can have major success with the ladies if they know how to talk to them. If you learn how to be a smooth talker, you will be able to get girls that you thought were out of your league. If you know how to talk to them; you exude confidence and that is the main thing that attracts girls to a guy. Here are some tips that will teach you how to be a smooth talker and get more ladies than you thought was possible.

How to smooth talk girls

Smooth Talking Tips To Get More Girls

Here are some simple tips that should ultimately help you smooth talk better and as a result, get more women to want to bang you. Simple as apple pie my friend! Pay close attention if you want to hook up more.

Connect with her emotionally. Ask her about her and tell her about you without avoiding emotional topics. It will show that you can be trusted.

Remain confident and sure of yourself. Don’t be afraid to dominate the conversation, but don’t let confidence turn into cockiness. Show her that you know yourself and you are comfortable in your own skin without acting like an asshole.

Pay attention to her responses and body language. It is crucial that you listen to what she says and pay attention to her reactions. She will let you know when to step up your flirting and when to make a move.

Have a sense of humor. Don’t make jokes. Having a sense of humor is just as important as being confident. Make her laugh with stories and anecdotes, but avoid making jokes.

Tease her. This may seem a little immature and something you did in high school, but it still works when you’re older. Teasing her makes her smile and shows her that you are interested and engaged.

Flirt with her. If she is responding well to your conversation, your sense of humor, and your teasing; it’s time to start flirting with her.

Talk about her. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and girls are no different. Talk about what she is passionate about and ask questions about it to keep her talking.

Don’t interview her. Interact with her. You should ask her some questions but keep in conversational. Talk about things and react to them, but don’t make it seem like you are interviewing her.

Talk about yourself too. It’s important to talk about her, but you should not forget to talk about what you are passionate about and let her know what makes you interesting and different.

Don’t be afraid to be sexual. If she is responding well to your flirting and teasing, you should start getting a little sexual. Start with some light touching during your conversation. If she continues to respond well, you can start talking a little dirty to get her aroused. Just be sure not to do it too early. Don’t get sexual until you have gotten to know her and you have an idea of what her sensibilities are.

Remain slightly aloof. No matter how much you want the girl you are talking to, you shouldn’t act like you are that into her right away. Make her chase you a little bit. You don’t want to come off too desperate.