Craigslist Dating And Why To Avoid It At All Times


Craigslist dating is some of the creepiest online ads that I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve used a ton of online dating sites (both free and paid) and I’ve never come across creepier ads than those that I’ve encountered using Craigslist. Here’s an ad I found that should give you enough reasons as to why you should do your best to avoid using it if you’re trying to meet someone to bang.

Creepy Craigslist Dating Ad Posted on Valentine’s Day

For starters, here’s a snapshot of the ad that was published in a local Craigslist section in the Portland, Washington area.

craigslist dating ad

For starters, the ad was posted by a 55-year-old man looking for a roommate. His title indicated something along the lines of Roommates, friends, dating and some other creepy shit.

His ad stated that he was low maintenance and looking for a roommate of the opposite sex at around 45 years of age. He mentioned some shitty dating site called Plenty of Fish that literally never got me laid EVER! He then went on to talk about how it would be really cool to have a roommate that you become romantic with. This is really fucking distrubing, to say the least.

A couple of reasons why you want to avoid using Craigslist for any dating what so ever is because of the following:

Not Moderated – You literally have no idea (most of the time) what this person even looks like that’s placed the ad. There’s no verification and the site is basically not moderated at all.

No Guarantee – The site doesn’t offer any guarantee that you’ll be hooking up anytime soon. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

No Support – If you come across a situation where a date or meet up with someone goes bad, there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Because you’re not using a site like Instabang, you’re not going to get the stellar customer service that you normally would.

Honestly, if this isn’t enough reason for you to never ever use Craigslist dating then I don’t know what to say. I’d focus on spending time using better hook up sites that actually work instead of crappy Craigslist!

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A Few Things Not To Say After You Bang A Girl

What Does NSA Mean?


Hi everyone! Todd here and back on this beautiful day to help educate you on something important when it comes to dating. If you’re anything like me then you use dating sites on a regular basis in an attempt to get laid. If this applies to you, then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a couple terms or acronyms that you might not be familiar with. One of those terms may, in fact, be the term NSA. I’m here to help you understand what that term means.

nsa dating definition

What Exactly Does NSA Mean?

Well, the acronym NSA is an abbreviated way of saying “no strings attached” and it’s quite commonly used on sites that I frequent for hooking up. The idea behind no strings attached or NSA is that you can connect with someone that does not have the intentions of having a long term or serious relationship. Having “strings attached” is basically like saying you’re dating and are looking for someone to become a girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s not what NSA dating is about, though. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of that! Strings attached can be an absolute nightmare and I’m not even going to get into all of that today here. Instead, I’ll remain focused on the main topic!

Is NSA Better or worse?

If I had to give my personal opinion on this, I’d without a doubt have to say that NSA is far better than anything else. Any other way to date simply means that you have other obligations and things that you have to take into consideration when hooking up with someone. It can get complicated doing it this way. That’s why I prefer to come right out and explain to people that I’m only looking for an NSA relationship or experience and I do so right on my dating profile. I believe that taking any other approach is a waste of time really.

Now, if you’re looking to bang, then I suggest that you spend the entire day messaging people using the Instabang website messaging system. I’ll be doing the same because I want to find someone to fuck tonight! After all, it is Friday and it’s time to get down, get down!

A Few Things Not To Say After You Bang A Girl


Whether you’re on a one night stand or a regular steady hookup, there are certain things that should be left not said after banging. I’ve put together a list for you to follow. Don’t make the mistakes that I’ve done long ago. Instead, avoid saying these things.

don't say after you bang a girl

Don’t Say This After You Bang A Girl

Can I Borrow
Don’t ask to borrow anything from someone that you’ve just banged, especially money. It makes you look like a full blown idiot. I’d recommend not asking for anything other than another round of banging.

Too Much Teeth
Don’t tell your partner what you didn’t enjoy. If a girl uses too much teeth, for certain you don’t want to let her know. It’s going to make her never want to bang you again and maybe even talk about you online. You’ve got flaws too, she’s just not making you vocally aware of them.

Are You Clean
If you’re asking a casual sex partner if they’re clean after banging them, then you might already be in trouble. LOL! Instead, if you’re going to ask for a copy of someone’s doctor checkup, then you should be extra careful to wear protection and ask before sex not after. After is too late.

Come On
Absolutely under no circumstances should you ask someone you’ve just banged if they came. If you have to ask, then chances are you’re not confident enough for starters, nor did you do what you needed to do.

How Many
Don’t ask someone how many people they’ve had sex with after you just did it. There are people in long relationships that have no idea how many people their partner has been with, let alone someone they bang that they met on a casual dating website.

Well, I wanted to keep this short and sweet, so I’ll stop there. So long as you follow my rules, you shouldn’t have any problem with banging local people you meet online.

Why Instant Hookups Are Better Than Long Term Relationships


I used to have a long-term girlfriend until I discovered what having hookups was like. There is absolutely no way that long-term relationships are ever going to be as fun as instant hookups. I’ve had both and I’m going to share a few reasons as to why I love and prefer instant hookup sex versus have a girlfriend any day of the week!

instant hookups are better

Instant Hookups Are The Best, Here’s Why…

I’ve gone through my notes and here are the main reasons why finding an instant hookup online is the best way to get laid. I’m not going to waste your time with too much fluff here. Instead, I’ll get straight to the point.

Less Problems
The first reason why instant hookups are much better than long-term relationships is the fact that you can have a one and done with no problems at all. No hassles of having to communicate with the same person over and over. No boring sex that you’ll have to put yourself through. Instead, you can find someone local to hook up with and call it a day.

Less Expensive
Having instant hookups from time to time is much cheaper than getting into a relationship, especially if you’re using a website specifically catered to connecting individuals to hookups like the Instabang dating service.

New Experiences
Every hookup with someone new is a new experience. When you’re in a long relationship, you end up having the same experiences over and over. That gets extremely boring. So boring that I don’t think I’ll ever settle down again.

More Looking
The final reason why an instant hookup date is better than having a girlfriend is that there are tons of girls out there that just want to get laid. If I told you there were single girls in your local area that were just looking for nothing but something to bang them what would you say? You’d say heck yes! Show me who they are right?. Of course, you would.

These reasons should be enough for you to want to start searching for a few instant hookups yourself. If you’re taken and you just want to safely experiment online, then I suggest you do so very careful not to get caught or you just break up now. If you’re single, join a site like Instabang for the ultimate hookup experience. As I said, I gave up on relationships long ago after I discovered how fun dating online really can be.

Where to Bring Your First Date You Met Online?


Pretty much everyone thinks of some variation of the movie and dinner combination of a first date schedule. But if you really want to get to know her and maybe make an impression, then you might want to employ your creative juices to flow a little and figure out what suits you two the best to carve a simple yet intelligent plan to make it a memorable time spent together.  It doesn’t matter if you met at Whole Foods or if you met on an online dating site like this one, you need to think outside the box and create an experience that will be engaging for both parties.

What is a Great First Date Location?

The possibilities are endless. Has there been some adventure activity that the two of you have been planning to take on, go on it together. Para-gliding? Glide along with the lady. Scooba-diving? Dive along together, or swim with the dolphins. Wanted to go trekking? Book a tour and travel together. This would no doubt make the usual eat and watch a movie routine look real dull and blurry. It would no doubt have the adrenaline rushing and thus stimulating and encouraging both of you to make the most of your time together. It wouldn’t be something easy to replace or just forget.

Or if you want something closer to home then perhaps taking some sort of a class together would not be a bad idea. It could actually workout real nice for both of you. For instance, you two could sign up for a salsa dance class. It will turn up the heat by just the right amount and the two of you will get to play around each other in a very lively environment which will tickle your chemistry, and that only helps. The salsa is generally not very complicated but relatively an easy going style of dance which easily incorporates couples steps in beautiful harmony which is quite accommodating for beginners.

If you both have a knack for cooking then you could spice things up by attending a class together for some exotic cuisine which appeals to both of you. It would be advisable to check in before-hand of the sign up requirements so there isn’t any embarrassment of last minute change of plans upon arrival. Also check up on the venue earlier so you do not waste any time hassling around trying to locate the venue. You want to come off as organized and responsible while keeping it casual at the same time, nobody likes a pushover.

Put on your planning hat and have a great time!